Established in 1998, MIMS achitecture, plc is a Tennessee Limited Liability Company located in Hermitage, TN. The firm is the continuation of the practice of architecture by William E. Mims and his architectural colleagues. During its history, the firm has engaged in a vast variety of design projects, both commercial and residential. The firm started as a sole proprietorship in 1976 in Nashville, Tennessee later changing to William Mims Associates, Inc. and then Mims Design Group, Inc. The firm operates as a sole proprietorship in all states other than Tennessee. Under the architectural licenses of William E. Mims, MIMS architecture, plc currently provides professional design services to clients in the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

The firm does not specialize in a particular category of design, but has been honored that almost all of its work has come through referrals from satisfied clients. Because of this loyal client base, the firm has had the pleasure of doing multiple projects for several of its clients. The type of projects the firm has done have varied significantly, however in the past thirty six years, the firm has done a number of church related projects, educational projects, land planning projects, office buildings and multi-family housing projects, as well as many custom designed private residences.

The firm has historically maintained a strong joint-venture working relationship with several firms whose principals were connected with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Frank Lloyd Wright’s successor firm, Taliesin Architects. Because of this involvement, the firm has been honored over the years to have served as Associate Architect with Taliesin Architects for the completion of a number of un-built original designs by Frank Lloyd Wright. In 1989 Mr. Mims worked at Taliesin West as Associate Architect, with architect John Rattenbury on the Waikapu Country Club for Maui, HI as well as a number of other projects which Taliesin Architects had under contract at the time. In 1994 Mr. Mims temporarily relocated to Madison, WI and worked as Associate Architect with Taliesin Architect’s Anthony Puttnam on the design and construction of the Monona Terrace Convention Center, another original design by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Due to the direct involvement in the projects for Taliesin Architects, in 1997 Mr. Mims was hired as the President/CEO of Taliesin Architects. He operated that firm from its headquarters at Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona as well as its secondary office at Taliesin in Spring Green, WI, and satellite offices in Madison, WI, Scottsdale, AZ and Portola, CA for the next three years, while also continuing the operations of MIMS architecture as an affiliate under the banner of Taliesin Architects Southeast. In that position, he was responsible for marketing, coordinating and managing approximately 100 active projects at any given time. This work involved designs ranging from housing developments in Japan and New Jersey, a new city center Master Plan for Chandler, AZ, administrative facilities for a Native American Tribe and numerous private residential and commercial developments. Mr. Mims managed a staff of 55 and reported to the Board of Directors of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. Since completing his service to Taliesin Architects, Mr. Mims has returned full-time to the firm in Middle Tennessee, but continues to provide design and consultation services to several of his former Taliesin Architects colleagues in different parts of the country.